Bamboo Baby Blanket by Cozy Earth®

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Bamboo Baby Blanket by Cozy Earth®

Premium bamboo fleece baby blankets were developed out of a need to create a versatile and luxurious extra layer for a variety of uses. Our bamboo baby blanket's concept sprung from the desire to reinvent the “blankie” for our children. We all want to keep our children warm at night, but a comforter is not always the best option, especially for young children and babies. You can rest assured knowing that your children are warm and surrounded by the softest, hypoallergenic blanket around.

Clean, satin-stitched borders surround our newest form of fuzzy, super-soft bamboo fabric, and this bamboo blanket is easily washable, and soft enough for the most sensitive skin. It can be used as the perfect cuddle blanket, an extra layer during chillier nights, or a delicate swaddle for the newest member of the family.

Care Instructions:
Machine washable on cold. Mild cycle, mild detergent. No bleach.

To Naturally Freshen:
Hang dry in mild to moderate sunlight once every 3-5 months for 1-3 hours. Bamboo and silk fibers naturally rejuvenate and refresh in sunlight. Cozy Earth’s bamboo blankets are naturally hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria, and other harmful microbes, making them inherently more wonderful than your average bedding.