How to Redecorate on a Budget using Paint and Pillows

How to Redecorate on a Budget using Paint and Pillows

Posted by Alicia Dixon on Aug 15th 2018

5 Steps to an Easy, Budget Friendly Room Update

Ever watch HGTV and dream of all the things you could do to your own space? Love the colors, cool designs and how simple they make everything look? Are you ever disappointed when you embark on a “project” and your end result doesn’t have quite the same put-together look as the tv shows always portray? Keep reading for 5 easy tips to transform a room in less time and for less money!!

  1. Start with decluttering! Nothing is worse than to be tripping over yourself or your stuff when you are trying to get a new look.Move what you can to another room and if you are painting, move big furniture to the center of the room.
  2. If you are painting the room, start by cleaning the walls. A quick wipe down with a slightly damp cloth may be enough.Baseboards may need a better cleaning. If you are a meticulous house keeper, you may be able to just give your walls a once-over with your dust mop. If you are not going to paint, grab a Magic Eraser and clean up those scuffs to make your walls look like new!
  3. Once your paint is dry, place your furniture. Try a new arrangement for a fresh look! Everbilt Movealls are invaluable for saving your back and make moving furniture a breeze!
  4. Switch things up! Before you hang your pictures and put everything in place, look through your house and re-imagine some favorite items for your newly decorated space. Even small furniture pieces can be flexible to use different places. Think outside the box!
  5. Keep your space looking fresh by rotating decorative pillows for different seasons. It’s easy to keep things up to date and fun by changing out pillows. Allyson Brooke Home offers a great selection, and pillow covers ship FREE, so you can SAVE by ordering covers (easy to store too!) It's easy to change the covers several times a year, for season changes or to celebrate holidays!

No matter what your style, or what your budget, there’s nothing that makes you feel better than a well put together room. So, with these tips in hand, turn off your tv and put your plan to redecorate in motion! Here’s cheering you on to a great, put together, HGTV worthy result!