The Ultimate Guide to 2018 Bedding Trends

The Ultimate Guide to 2018 Bedding Trends

Apr 18th 2018

The Ultimate Guide to 2018 Bedding Trends

The Ultimate Guide to 2018 Bedding Trends

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Nothing makes a bedroom super cozy like having the ultimate bedding setup. From the quality of the mattress to the thread count of the sheets and how well everything wraps around you, all the details matter.

Not to mention, there's an aesthetic aspect to think about!

Just as you want your bed - or the guest bed or your child's bed - to be a place of comfort and relaxation, you want it to look beautiful, too. The best way to pull this off is to keep up with current bedding trends. You don't have to change the bedding style every time you do a load of sheets, but, it is a good idea to have a few sets in your home.

Below is a closer look at what all the best home designers are doing with bedding this year and how to make bedding trends work with the rest of the room.

The Best Bedding Trends of the Year

The right bedding can make or break how the whole room feels.

To get everything just right, follow these simple rules.

Simple Is Stylish

Sometimes, the best way to make a statement is to keep things simple. That's the main trend taking over bedding this year, and it's likely one to stick around.

Try using all-white bedding as your base.

Add subtle hints of color in the pillows or place a soft blanket nearby if you live in a cooler area. Maybe swap the comforter for a duvet, too.This keeps the simple approach front and center, but adds just enough details to ensure the room doesn't look boring.

While white tends to be the most classic, there are some other ways to make this bedding trend work. Choose another neutral color, like black, tan, or light blue. Or, keep white as a theme but get slightly different shades of ivory and maybe even a light grey to add some texture to the bedding.

In addition to color, make sure the lines are clean. Each layer should be distinctive, yet not overbearing of the one above or below.

Reverse, Reverse

Speaking of layers, sometimes, the best bedding to use is one set that's actually a two in one! Reverse comforters are one of the coolest bedding trends right now.

These come with one distinct design on each side. The first side may be a bold, busier approach than the simple style mentioned above, while the other side is a reflection of something more along those lines. Together, the two sides provide plenty of bedding options.

Put Pillows Everywhere

No matter what sheets you put on the bed - or which side of the comforter you choose - make sure there are plenty of pillows. Get a mix of big bed pillows and small, decorative ones.

A few extra pillows make the bed look more inviting. They make you, or your child or guests, just want to relax upon entering the bedroom. Be careful to go overboard, though, too many pillows may have the opposite effect.

If you think you may have overdone it when you went shopping for pillows, not to worry. Place extras on a window bench or the chair of a reading nook.

Play up the Headboard

As much of a statement as windows make, they won't look amazing alone. Make sure you get ones that match your sheets and comforter, and of course, the headboard.

The two main headboard bedding trends this year are actually complete opposites. The first is in line with the themes mentioned thus far - something simple, yet eye-catching in its own subtle way. The second is bold - all about playing up this space rather than toning it down.

Bold headboards may be decorated with lights or flowers. They could be a sharp color contrast from the rest of the bedding set, but be mindful to make sure it matches the room!

Styling Your Room and Your Bedding

It takes a certain eye for design to blend different bedding trends together and make this important part of the bedroom look beautiful. Not to mention, this must always be in context with the rest of the room.

Here's how to make sure all the design elements in the bedroom match and make a statement.

Watch the Colors

Whether you like the simple bedding trend taking over the year or you want to stick with something a little bolder, look around the room.

If you already have white walls and subtle detailing, you need to spice things up a bit. Not to say you can't take a simple bedding approach at all. But, aim for something clean and classic, not bland and boring.

Similarly, trying to do too much at once will make it hard to relax in this space. Stick to a certain set of 2-3 main colors. You will likely have a few variations in shade and texture, but there should still be a clear theme.

Play with Space

As much as the bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, sometimes, it looks better off to the side.

Take this time to move the furniture around a bit and see if there's anything different you can do. How about placing one edge of the bed against a wall? Or, adding a bench to the end of the bed as a place to relax or set things down?

These are just a few of the options available in the bedroom. There are many ways to work the space and transform how everything looks and feels. You just have to roll up your sleeves and start rearranging!

Think of Other Accents and Accessories

Just when you think you've gotten it all right - from the bedding to the pillows and the furniture arrangement - take one more look around. Ask yourself what's missing.

Maybe you need a few pieces of wall decor to finish off the room. Maybe a mirror needs to be brought into the space, or moved around from where it currently is.

Maybe, a personal detail is missing. If you're doing a bedding redesign for you and your partner, or for your child, add something to show your care for them. Get a sign that reflects the love you share or even something that simply says their name.

Create Beautiful Bedding Designs for Your Home

It's one thing to read up on the best bedding trends of the year, and another to make them come alive in your home. Luckily, the guide above can help you get started.

Ultimately, though, the decision is up to you!

To start browsing some options and choosing the bedding pieces you want for the rooms in your home, click here.