Welcoming guests with a comfortable Guest Room

Welcoming guests with a comfortable Guest Room

Posted by Alicia Dixon on Nov 30th 2017

Ah, the holidays!

The winter holidays bring out the merriest moments. The streets are lit with glowing lights, hot cocoa becomes an appropriate daily drink, and best of all, our homes are filled with family, friends and traditions. However, as every host knows, a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into making this time magical and can add stress to your holiday cheer. If you’re entertaining overnight guests, your job doesn’t end when the table is cleared. Creating a warm and inviting guest room takes attention to the details, and even the most dedicated hosts can forget a few things.

Your guest room doesn't have to be the fanciest to get a Five-star rating from your guests! Check out our easy tips that will wow your guests!

Clear the Clutter

Many guest room closets house other long-term storage items. While guests tend to look past this, make sure there is an appropriate amount of empty space for hanging clothes, and that the closet floor is clear for shoes and bags. Also, make sure there is at least one empty drawer for storing folded clothes. Be sure to have some empty hangers available in the closet for hanging clothes. If your guest room doubles as another household space—say, an office or a playroom—make sure that the room is tidy and that the carved out guest area is outfitted with a cozy bed, a good lamp, a small dresser, and a place to put luggage.

Add a Gracious Touch

Before friends or family arrive, place a small arrangement of holiday-themed flowers or decorations on their bedside table. This thoughtful touch will add a hint of seasonality to their space. It will be hard not to get into the holiday spirit if it’s the first thing they see in the morning.

Make it Comfortable

Guests tend to have a wide range of temperature preferences—some love the cold for sleeping, while others will freeze if the temperature is cooler than in their own homes. Because most guests won’t realize it until the middle of the night—when they probably won’t want to wake you to ask for help—put additional options within easy reach. A stack of cozy folded blankets will do (in both throw and bed sizes), as will a small heater or fan stored in the closet or a storage ottoman (which can double as storage and extra seating).

A Lamp

When you're winding down at the end of the day (or when you're waking up early and trying not to disturb your partner), it's nice to have lighting options besides just the brilliant overheads. Providing your guests with a lamp or two is an important contribution to their comfort.

Plush Towels

Leave clean towels and washcloths that are easily accessible to your guests. It will make them feel more at home and less likely to come to you and ask for them.

A Basket of Goodies

bottled water, candy, a few packs of crackers, fresh fruit and a few granola bars.
A new toothbrush, soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and a razor.
Charging station
A universal phone charger on the nightstand will be a hit and is a nice little extra. If you don't have a universal charger, add a power strip that is easily accessible, so guests can charge their devices.

Then There’s the Bedding

Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable bed. A comfortable nights sleep is key to keeping everyone in good holiday spirit! 


Start with clean, comfy sheets. 100% cotton is always a stand-out choice for bedding. Because cotton is a natural fiber, it breathes. It’s warm in the winter but cool in the summer. Due to the differences in weaving, a cotton percale will sleep cooler and a sateen will sleep warmer! (More on that in another post!) (Check out Allyson Brooke Home's awesome sheet options here.)


Everyone has a different pillow preference, so include several varieties and firmnesses of pillows on your guest bed so your guest can find one comfortable for them. Don’t be afraid to stack them up! (Check out Allyson Brooke Home's fabulous pillow selections here.)


Start with a medium weight blanket to meet the needs of both types of guests (some like it hot and some like it cold) in the middle. However, be sure to leave extra blankets in varying weights to make each guest comfortable.

Keep Them Informed

Place a small notebook or a card on their bedside table or in the goody basket with important household info on it, such as the Wi-Fi password or an alarm code you may want them to keep on hand. If your guest room includes a tv, quick instructions on how to access the cable or dish and a channel guide will be much appreciated!

Simple, yet thoughtful.
These tips will create lasting memories and keep your family and friends coming back!