What Makes Italian Sheets So Luxurious

What Makes Italian Sheets So Luxurious

Mar 27th 2018

Finding the perfect sheets for your bed doesn't have to be stressful or confusing. Click here to learn why italian sheets are so luxurious.

Have you ever slept on sheets so comfortable you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud made of warm hugs?

If you're sleeping on anything less than Italian sheets, you're missing out on the smooth luxury of a perfect sleeping experience.

But what makes this sleepytime, slice-of-heaven so special?

In the following article, we'll take the guesswork out of Italian sheets so you can rest-easy, cradled in magic even if you're the big spoon.

Italian Sheets are Steeped in Italian History

Italy is home to some of the top fabric mills for spinning materials like Egyptian cotton and linen to make beautifully soft bed sheets.

The booming fabric market in Italy has remained a competitive and lucrative business where standards of quality are prioritized over cost control. Only in recent years, has the country increased its production of 1,000 count bedsheets.

In linen shops in Italy, you won't find threadcount listed on the label, because Italians realize that threadcount is only one factor in the final "feel" of the sheets, and because Italians scoff at the high thread count sheets that come from China and India. First, these "high count" sheets are not made of all Egyptian cotton, so threads often break (resulting in pilling) and secondly the "finishing' techniques are far from the world renowned techniques of the Italian craftsmen. Italian manufacturers ensure the best quality bedding for shoppers, according to Consumer Reports.

But you don't need a review site to tell you that you want your sheets to be as soft as can be. When you opt for Italian bedsheets the proof is in the luxurious product, and the traditional practice of making bedsheets perfected by Italian business owners.

You can't talk Italian business without talking about textiles. Bedsheets are the fabric of Italian culture.

They Take Attention to Detail to the Next Level

In addition to being made with quality materials, Italian sheets have all of the small details that you never knew you needed in a bedsheet, but you do.

Here's why.

For warm weather, Italian sheets are woven percale. That word means they are woven with both horizontal and vertical thread patterns resulting in access to air flow.

For colder climates, consumers can purchase sateen sheets. Sateen has a softer, more luxurious feel than percale -- but ultimately, is a denser sheet for greater protection against cold weather.

Italian sheets are also available in two finishes: mercerizing and singeing.

Singed sheets are actually the smoother of the two because excess hairs have been singed off the bedsheet leaving a soft, buttery sheet for you to snuggle.

When a sheet is mercerized, it's given a caustic soda bath that results in a more durable fabric.

These bedsheets can also include small details like hemstitching and pintucks, which make them easy to match with a variety of comforters but still stylistically unique.

Get Bed Sheets From the Finest Materials

Italian sheets are woven from many fine materials that are known for their comfort and quality. These include:

  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Silk
  • Linen; and
  • Flannel

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is a long fiber material that is commonly used for bedsheets. It's easy to come by, affordable, and comfortable. This makes it ideal for Italian sheets.

It's also easy to care for and can be useful in a number of climates. Known for its durability, Egyptian cotton sheets offer simple luxury to those who love to use them.


Silk sheets are well known for their characteristic look and feel. They are soft, sometimes shiny and have a smooth, satiny finish and a light, airy feel.

Silk is the perfect material for bedsheets because it has a cool-to-touch feeling in summer, and locks heat in during cold winter months.


Linen is a great fabric for warm weather. By nature, it has a more porous surface that allows for airflow and cooling. It's very durable but doesn't always look neat because it wrinkles easily.


Flannel is the warmest material, ideal for cold climates. It traps heat in on cold nights and offers soft, warm comfort.

Many Brands and Styles

When it comes to bedsheets from Italy, there are also many brands and styles to choose from. Sheets offer a number of solid color options to match room decor, but patterns are available too.

Consumers can pick from unique stitching and pintucks, material, thread count and more customizations to meet their needs.

If you want to feel like you live in the lap of luxury, go shopping for these exquisite sheets and you'll see just how many options there are. Here are a number of brands that you can choose from:

  • Allyson Brooke Home
  • Anichini
  • Bellino Fine Linens
  • Case del Bianco
  • Dea
  • Fili D'Oro
  • Frette
  • Hudson Park
  • Italian Hotel Collection
  • Linoto
  • Mascioni
  • Peacock Alley
  • Pratesi
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Rivolta Carmignani
  • Scala
  • Sferra
  • Yves Delorme

The difference is in the details. Each brand offers something that makes them special and unique from the next. Up for scrutiny is everything from how bedsheets are woven to design details like the addition of lace cuffs.

Don't miss out on the nuances these brands have to offer that could enhance your sleeping experience.

Lights Out!

If you're okay with an average night's sleep, then maybe Italian sheets aren't for you. Just kidding! These sheets, reminiscent of kitten down that's been touched by an angel, are for literally everyone.

For better sleep, nothing makes more sense than purchasing sheets that give you the feeling you've been tucked in by a Tuscan granny each night. When you get the best sleep of your life, your body will thank you for sparing no expense.

Don't make a purchasing decision about bedsheets on price, alone. To get luxury, comfort and the best prices, shop for your next bedsheets at Allyson Brooke Home today.